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Worldwide Detailing Products & Services provides a wide range of services that will make your car appear as good as new. Sometimes even better! After 37 years of experience in this field, we have developed an unmatched level of expertise for providing luxury car detailing and exotic car detailing for clients all over the globe!

Incredible Luxury Car Detailing That Comes To You

If you’re looking for a company that goes above and beyond in providing stellar customer service throughout the detailing process, you have met the right people when you work with Worldwide Detailing Products & Services! This is because our committed team is ready to assist with any of your car detailing needs anywhere and anytime.

No matter where you are in the world, we bring all the high-quality supplies and products necessary to get the job done right.

You don’t have to lift a finger throughout the entirety of the process. Depending on the city or country that you reside in its relation to Tucson, estimates of the detailing price are available upon request. No matter where you are in the world, we come to you!

What Are The Detailing Services Available At Worldwide Detailing Products & Services?

Whether you’re detailing for a car show or simply want to give your everyday car a much-needed pick-me-up, we are here to help in any way that we can. Let’s dive further into the incredible detailing services that Worldwide Detailing Products & Services offers:


Full-Service Wash

  • Tucson Area – Starting at $75
  • Outside of Tucson Area – Starting at $125
Service Description:

Our full-service washes leave both your car’s interior and exterior in spotless shape. Starting at just $75 in the Tucson area and $125 outside of the local area, this in-depth one-hour process includes:

  • Hand washing
  • Vacuuming
  • Tire and wheel washing
  • Window washing
  • A general dusting of the interior

Interior Detailing - Full 212 Degree Interior Steam Clean

  • Starts at $200
Service Description:

We understand that a beautiful car starts with maintaining its interior with detailing as low as $200.

We service cars of both leather and cloth interior materials and know exactly what it takes to clean every part.

Our interior detailing service is completed with the help of the Optima Steamer, one of the top steamers in all of the industry for removing all of the hard-to-reach stains and germs. In fact, this steamer performs so well that in the height of the 2020 pandemic, it was used to disinfect our healthcare client’s cars in a jiffy! In most cases of our interior detailing, no chemicals are even needed to make your car sparkling clean once more.

Your Full 212 Degree Interior Steam Cleaning includes:

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Vehicle Seat steam cleaning
  • Steam cleaning of all hard surfaces
  • Interior Ceramic coating servicing is also available

Exterior Detailing (Polishing and Waxing)

  • Starts at $200
Service Description:

If the exterior of your vehicle has seen better days, our exterior polishing, waxing, and ceramic services might just be the solution you are looking for! We take the extra time to remove all of the dirt and debris off of your car before giving it a glossy finish. Rest assured your car will look straight out of the dealership! This process starts as low as $200 but can change depending on the unique condition of your car’s paint job and clear coat.

Worldwide’s exterior detailing package includes:

  • Full-service wash
  • Polish
  • Wax or ceramic finish

Engine Steam Clean

  • Starts at $75
Service Description:

Using minimal water, we’ll steam clean the entire engine compartment of your vehicle. A necessary service to remove dust, dirt, salt, and overall grime from your engine bay’s interior!


Ceramic Coatings

  • Pricing varies – Contact us today for an estimate!
Service Description:

Ceramic coatings are responsible for protecting your car from damages and contaminants to the exterior and interior. With ceramic and graphene coatings, it will be more durable and protected than ever before! We offer the full spectrum of ceramic coatings that cover just about anything, including coatings for leather, cloth, glass, paint, and showers, to name a few. We can apply ceramic coatings to not only your vehicles’ interior and exterior but also many of the surfaces in and out of your home.

To fit the needs of a wide range of vehicles, we offer both 9H ceramic coatings and graphene coatings to provide protection. Both do a great job of keeping your car safe through it all, with graphene spray lasting up to 6 months and graphene coatings and 9H ceramic coatings lasting up to 2 years, and beyond. Depending on how many layers of the product we use, the price will vary for this service.


Concorso Italiano Preparation & Private Collection Options

Service Description:

If you are looking to go beyond the normal detailing options and get your car show-ready, we also offer options for Concorso Preparation. Our Concorso Preparation package is priced per individual client and includes:

  • Wash
  • Engine
  • Exterior
  • Full 212 Degree Interior Cleaning
  • Anything the vehicle needs

Additional Products Available For Purchase

Service Description:

In addition to the above services, we also sell a world of products for purchase to go alongside any detailing project. Whatever you need to keep your vehicle looking great in between our visits, we have you covered.

Improve Your Car’s Appearance With The Help Of Worldwide Detailing Products & Services Today

With all of the incredible services and products available to choose from, what’s stopping you from reaping the benefits of Worldwide Detailing Products & Services for yourself? To learn more about the best-fit service for your car’s interior and exterior needs, feel free to give us a call to get started today!